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Learn from North Melbourne's dual Premiership and Team of the Century Coach - Denis Pagan

How Has Coaching Changed?

Here are some of the Coaching Modules that you will receive:
  • Module 1 - Coaching Philosophy
  • Module 2 - The Role of the Coach
  • Module 3 - Constructing a Game Plan
  • Module 4 - Leadership and Team Improvement
  • Module 5 - The Best Coach for Individual Improvement is You
  • Module 6 - Goal Setting and Stepping Stones to Success
  • Module 7 - Coaching on Match Day
  • Module 8 - Preparing For the Next Game
  • Module 9 - Coaches Caught in the Middle
Denis Pagan - How has Coaching Changed
Pre-Game Motivation

Discover how Denis motivates his players for the big occasion. Throughout the coaching series you will receive additional video based training, similar to the above, showing practical examples of how Denis puts his training methodologies into action.

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Denis Pagan - Pre-Match Motivation
Teams At Their Best Coaching Modules - Delivered Weekly

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